Oil and Gas

Working in the oil and gas industry carries with it a lot of responsibility, particularly as it relates to maintaining proper safety standards and protocols. Among the chief concerns is guarding against fire-related hazards. Fires resulting from explosions and other incididents can be particularly catastrophic, not only in terms of financials but more concerning, injuries and fatalities.

A fire prevention plan can be critical in stopping fire hazards before they start. Critical parts of fire prevention standards, as outlined by OSHA, cover areas such as: Maintaining a list of all potential fire hazards (i.e. the handling of hazardous materials), procedures related to waste materials that are flammable and combustible, procedures for maintenance, and tracking employee responsibilities for maintenance and addressing hazards.

Reliable FIKE Fire Detection and Fire Suppression systems, in addition to extinguishers, play an integral role in ensuring safety at the worksite and protect against disasters.