Data Centers

In today’s digital world, data centers serve as bastions for storing and protecting our most sensitive information. And yet, they are susceptible to not just fire and smoke damage but also collateral water damage produced by sprinkler systems. Secure these critical assets, safeguard business continuity and instill customer confidence by exploring Fike’s fire detection and fire suppression solutions for data centers.

Server Rooms

Server rooms operate and supply power to computer servers in a continuous and climate-controlled environment. Storing the world’s most sensitive data, servers are costly yet fragile, so fast-acting solutions are ideal. An early warning air-sampling system will detect a fire in its incipient stages and communicate instantly with Fike’s Cheetah Xi Control System, which may be programmed to alert personnel, release fast-acting clean agents and activate security systems.


Subfloors often store intricate cable systems that are just as susceptible to fire hazards as the servers located above. Any of Fike’s chemical agent or inert gas systems in tandem with VESDA air sampling detectors ensure a subfloor fire hazard doesn’t reach sensitive hardware.

Control Rooms or Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Fast-acting air sampling systems and chemical agents or inert gas suppression systems are ideal to quickly mitigate damage to control room electronics by using non-water-based solutions.

Uninterrupted Power Supply Rooms (UPS)

UPS rooms provide nearly instantaneous protection from power interruptions by supplying backup power to servers and other electronics found in a data center. UPS’s require fast-acting detection, often by air sampling, so they can quickly trigger clean agent suppression to maintain backup power during an outage or emergency.

Diesel Engines

Diesel engines provide backup power in the event of a loss of primary power in data centers. However, diesel engines’ reliability may be challenged from fire hazards presented by flammable hydraulic fluids, fuel and lubricants, which in the presence of high temperatures, can lead to pool and spray fires.

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